My Swedish adventure part 2 : through the deep south

This is the story:

It is 13:56, 15th of August 2019, full of impressions after walking like crazy in Copenhagen from 8 in the morning, I enter very happy at the train station where I should take a train to Stockholm. Should. That’s a key word. On the screen I see the thing that had not even occurred to me as a possibility: the train is canceled. At first I thought “oooh, what do I do now?”(yeah, maybe my thoughts were not so polite, but a bit of self-censorship is just fine-in cases like that), But after 5 seconds I remembered that I was hungry and that the cancellation is really great, because at least I can eat in peace. Always look on the bright side of life. So, no hurry, I bought something to eat and slowly went to ask someone who worked there. The person told me that they had definitely canceled the Copenhagen-Stockholm trains, and that I should go with the next train to Malmö (Sweden) and from there take another train to the Swedish capital. So easy and simple, I thought, and slowly, I headed for the right platform. And there, ladies and gentlemen, my odyssey through southern Sweden begins. I arrived to Stockholm at midnight. It was a very long, but incredibly fun trip by train and bus. Instead of a short, direct and efficient train, I won an adventure that made my trip much more dynamic than expected.

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My Swedish adventure part 1: Stockholm

Stockholm travel guide:

General information: Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, located in the south of the country. There are about two million people living there and it’s a beautiful town. I have to say it at the beginning because I loved it. It ‘ a city in several islands, but also a part of it is in the continent. There are several bridges that connect the islands with the rest of the city.

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