Chile: Araucanía: a multicultural region: part 1

Araucanía Travel Guide:

General information: This region is located in the south of the country (although southern Chile is a relative concept) it has approximately one million inhabitants. The capital is Temuco and the currency is the Chilean peso as in the rest of the country. In terms of language, the official language is Spanish, but Mapudungun, one of the Chilean indigenous languages is also in use. I visited the region several times, so I went to different places: I visited Temuco, Capitán Pastene, Lumaco, Lautaro, Villarica and Pucón. In this article I will talk about the Lumaco department, to which Capitán Pastene also belongs, and of Lautaro.

How to go there?

The ideal is to go by car, because the connection between towns is not so good and you lose a lot of time if you go by public transport.

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