Gran Canaria part 1: adventure tourism – all included

To clarify the doubts, from the very beginning, when choosing to go on vacation to Gran Canaria for a week, I was not looking for adventure tourism, and even less any kind of adrenaline. No. I wanted to escape the Belgian cold like the swallows that escape to the south. I thought it was a beautiful island with many retirees from northern Europe who drink their coffee, eat, look at the beach, take a walk and THAT’S IT. Without haste, without follies, a life so, but soo calm that it even bores, but it continues that calm and doesn’t change. Perfect for a week, even for two, maybe for a month, I’m open for new things. That is what I thought. But the plans of my friends were, well, we can say, a bit different. Or actually very different. A huge difference, a giant abyss, almost like the ones I was going to when they took me to the Unamuno viewpoint, or almost like the ocean I was sailing through thinking I was going to fall inside. But how did those things happen without me noticing? Waves, speed driving on a narrow roads…hmm it was not the plan, wasn’t it? (I remind again, the name of my blog is so true and suites perfectly to my life)  That happens to me trusting friends, below I tell you everything, the whole story.

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