Gran Canaria part 1: adventure tourism – all included

To clarify the doubts, from the very beginning, when choosing to go on vacation to Gran Canaria for a week, I was not looking for adventure tourism, and even less any kind of adrenaline. No. I wanted to escape the Belgian cold like the swallows that escape to the south. I thought it was a beautiful island with many retirees from northern Europe who drink their coffee, eat, look at the beach, take a walk and THAT’S IT. Without haste, without follies, a life so, but soo calm that it even bores, but it continues that calm and doesn’t change. Perfect for a week, even for two, maybe for a month, I’m open for new things. That is what I thought. But the plans of my friends were, well, we can say, a bit different. Or actually very different. A huge difference, a giant abyss, almost like the ones I was going to when they took me to the Unamuno viewpoint, or almost like the ocean I was sailing through thinking I was going to fall inside. But how did those things happen without me noticing? Waves, speed driving on a narrow roads…hmm it was not the plan, wasn’t it? (I remind again, the name of my blog is so true and suites perfectly to my life)  That happens to me trusting friends, below I tell you everything, the whole story.

The first thing was that one of my friends invited me to go with him and several other people to sail. I happily accepted, thinking it was going to be a bit like in a movie, us chatting and having a cocktail while the boat, very calm indeed, sailed through the infinite ocean. Looking at it all now in retrospect makes me think that sometimes I am hopelessly stupid, the scenes that I imagined had nothing to do with reality. Sailing, for those who do not know, is very demanding, because it’s with no motor. Yes, that means that there are people on the boat who are supposed to know how to navigate and steer the boat and adapt it to the whims of the sea and the wind, which are two very capricious things. Now I know, one learns from experiences. And well, we sailed a couple of hours, I think that between 2 and 3, every 5 minutes we almost thought that we will fall into the water, the boat was tilted to one side, then the other … that is, tranquility was the last thing you will have when going sailing with people who just their license to drive the boat – my two friends. But just look at this beautiful and lying photo below, as my friend promised to let me drive a little bit the boat when it’s calmer, he kept the promise. Five seconds later, I almost fell and my friend took the rudder again. That was all of my boat captain career. I already tried driving the boat in Serbia, but on the Danube river, and it was great, but apparently I was not ready to go a step further. Far from driving the boat, I almost couldn’t even take photos or videos because I was afraid that both me and my cell phone were going to fall in the Atlantic.

Anyway, I survived and in the end we laughed at everything, with a good coffee afterwards. It was nice to feel the firm ground. I like the sea, but not like that. Sure, this all has a great dose of adrenaline, but the thing is, I just wasn’t mentally prepared for that adventure.

The next day my other friend told me that he and his girlfriend would drive me to a nice viewpoint and to the highest point in the whole island Gran Canaria. Of course I accepted, delighted. It turned out that part of it it was going to a narrow road full of cliffs next to it, and like if you are not used to it, it still gives you a little bit of fear; and even more when you see some road junctions with names of those who died in car accidents. Pretty scary. And there are roads where hardly two cars can pass; one in each direction, barely, which means that you should drive slowly, carefully, and not like my friend, as if it were a rally !!!!! I guess the one who doesn’t fall off the cliff is the one who wins the race. Of course, the views were spectacular, we stopped at a place to take photos, we were above the clouds, literally, then we stayed for a coffee. It was very nice, but I was very afraid, I won’t lie to you.

Then my friend told me that if I am such a coward we will go back, but that the most beautiful part, that of the viewpoint, we’ll not seeing it. And I was thinking a little bit, and then I said you know what, I’m not a coward and since we’re here, let’s go to the end. Wow, so brave! And so we arrived at the small town (I guess the name is Artenara) where the Unamuno viewpoint is located, which no one but my friend, myself and several other madmen know who he is. Miguel de Unamuno was a Spanish writer, member of the generation of ’98 (not important, they are a couple of total fail guys, talking about failure all their life) His way of writing is quite insipid, only telling you that one of his most famous books is called «Tragic Sense of Life » I already told you everything. Not only did he want his life to be bitter and tragic, but he wanted to make all the students of Spanish and Latin American literature bitter and  suicidal. And our friend Unamuno at one point in his life was banished to the Canary Islands – I wish they had thrown him at the sharks, and well I suppose he spent his days there writing his existentialist nonsense and looking from there to nothing. I’m sure he did nothing useful in his entire life, and less during that exile. And there I thought that next to his monument there should be written his most famous phrase: “We love being useless.” He didn’t actually say that, but I think he thought about it several times. And I would even agree with that phrase, Gran Canaria is so beautiful that you just want to look at nothing and have a coffee while doing it. In the end I was so hit by the sun that even the Unamuno monument seemed as someone to take a photo with : o

Enough of philosophy, after those two days I told my friends that I don’t want anything like that anymore. Forget about extreme sports, I came to the Canary Islands to sunbathe and be useless, not to die young, and see me like this after my trip (which happened at the same time as the Day of the Dead).

So, enough with the adventures, I only accept sun, beach, walking and food as proposals.

Author: Antonija Dikovic

Antonija Diković, Master´s degree in Spanish literature and translation studies in French Interest : travels, foreign languages

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