About the name of the blog and other things

Without travel plan

I will explain the name of the blog through several examples of my life. For example, at the beginning of this year I had a guest at my house in Croatia, it was his first time in Europe, so I decided to do a tour with him, not only through my country but also through other countries. I got the idea of ​​not taking him to the most emblematic places in my region, the region of Balkans, because it is very different from the rest of Europe and not so touristic, it’s more authentic. I had several routes planned, one including Hungary, Romania and Serbia, another including Bosnia and the third who knows what. Well, in the end I took him to Rovinj and to the Plitvice lakes, that is, to the two most touristic places in all Croatia. Then we were in Budapest, Vienna and Venice. Actually, nothing transgressive or innovative as I had planned it before. Show him the heart of Europe, the deep Europe, the true, the traditional, the that, the something… and it did not come out, more than anything because of the circumstances. And when this last change of plans happened to me, I remembered how many times I had made long term plans to travel to one side and in the end, I ended up traveling to another.

So, here it go the first example : More than three years ago I started making plans to go to France to do an internship. It was my first big decision and in spite of what people in my country usually do, I really did my best and left, not exactly there, but the important thing was to move somewhere outside of my country. Trust me, in my country where people talk a lot but they basically never do something, this is a big deal. And that’s where my future profession as a “travel displacer” began. (I just invented this term) Well in the end, it was a longer trip, three months. I started to see the offers of the internships in France and it did not take me long to understand that a) 99% of the internships for a job suitable to my studies were not paid, but the intern was expected to be a grantee, you know one of many students who live their lives anxious to spend some time in France. Indeed, that was my case b) the scholarship from my university with a generous 569 euros per month for France was more adapted to the standard of living in Kosovo, so at one point I was regretting not having studied Albanian, But, as in life you have to be optimistic, I started looking for internships in Spain, because it was a logical solution. I also studied Spanish, Spain was cheaper than France, and also it was part of the EU so, great. Logical. So, I stayed three months in Valencia and traveled throughout Spain. It’s simple, my option to change plans from one day to another seemed logical and practical. This was the case on all other occasions when I changed my plans. It almost seems spontaneous. I will mention just one more example. About two years ago I wanted to take a trip with my mother along the Adriatic coast. I planned to see southern Croatia, including the famous islands of Brac and Hvar, and of course, after that Dubrovnik, the jewel of the Mediterranean. Continuing through Montenegro and, to the surprise of my traveling companion, finishing the adventure in Albania, a country that I wanted to visit and that did not inspire confidence in her. But I had faith and it seemed like a great plan. Around June I found out that a friend had been given the scholarship to go to study in Chile. Going to visit her was a perfect excuse to finally see that part of the world.

Then, I check a bit the price of the tickets and there have been some incredibly cheap for September, the last month I had free for my trip through the Adriatic coast. I chose Chile. Logical. And the story repeats itself over and over again. I wanted to see something in a town, I end up seeing totally other things, no less beautiful. I thought I will be living in one country, I ended up in another. I don’t know when I will learn that it is better to travel without a plan.